Brazilian Straightening FAQ

How Straight Will My Hair Be?

When you leave our shop, your hair will be very straight. When you wash your hair, it will be much more manageable than it was before. If you let it air dry, you will see some curl, but 5 to 10 minutes with a finger blow dry, and it will be straight again. Ladies with very curly hair originally will lkikely still see a bit of curl, but nothing like before.

How Long Will My Straightening Last?

Most all product manufacturers claim 2 to 4 months of wear from their straightening. Our GK product claims 3 to 5 months. Some people get even more time than that. It depends on a number of lifetstyle factors, such as:

  • How often you wash your hair
  • The water in your house
  • The products you use
  • How often you swim
  • Your hair's ability to hold Keratin

When Can I Color My Hair?

You can color your hair any time before your straightening, even immediately before. In fact, we schedule a lot of appointments for color and straightening in the same appointment. Per product manufacturer instructions, it is recommended that your do not color your hair for 2 weeks after your straightening. 

Will My Frizz Be Gone?

This process takes away the frizz. Your hair should be very manageable, allowing you to get ready much, much faster than before.

Is This A Harsh Treatment?

No it is defintely not a harsh treatment. In fact, it is a healthy treatment for your hair. Unlike relaxers that totally destroy hair, this process even helps repair some of the damage at the ends of hair strands. 

What Products Should I Use?

You MUST use a sulfate free shampoo as sulfates strip the Keratin quickly. We have an excellent one (GK) at a reasonable price. Most any conditioners should be OK.

More FAQ

When Can I Wash My Hair?

We have two products. With the 4Hair product, you can wash your hair as soon as you get home. Leaving it on longer is no problem. With our GK product, they recommend that you leave the product in your hair for 48 hours.

Should I Wash My Hair Before My Appointment?

It doesn't matter. We wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo at the start of the straightening process. So, whether you come from the shower or the gym, its OK.

How Long Does The Process Take?

We schedule 2 and a half hours for your appointment. It often takes less time than that, but occassionally takes a bit more, depending upon your hair length and thickness.

When Do We Cut My Hair?

If you need a cut, we generally do it after your straightening. Your hair will lay differently then, and some of the split ends may be somewhat repaired, meaning we don't have to cut as much off.

Will Flat Ironing Damage My Hair?

People do a lot of damage to their hair with flat irons. They almost always use them too hot and generally with no thermal protector product on their hair. With the straightening, you should not need to flat iron your hair.

Is Formaldehyde A Problem?

Formaldehyde was over-hyped several years ago by the press, mostly based upon a product the FDA took of the market. It was extremely strong, 8.3% Formaldehyde. Our 4Hair product is only 1.2% and our GK product uses Methylene Glycol instead of Formaldehyde. We have extraction fans above the chairs, and our staff has done over 20,0000 straightenings with no issues.