Hair Straightening - A Kick Back Specialty

Over 20,000 Straightenings

We do lots of Brazilian Keratin hair straightenings, over 20,000 to date. We have the experience to do your straightening right.

Best Products

There are hundreds of straightening products on the market, but we use the best products available. GK (Global Keratin) is a leader in the market and the best we’ve found (we tried many). We also us 4Hair which works great and offers the advantage that you can wash the product out of your hair as soon as you get home. We have used both of these products for years.

We Follow The Process

We follow the full process recommended by each straightening product manufacturer. These products are expensive and many salons skimp on the amount of product they use, resulting in reduced straightening and possibly hair damage. Also, many salons skimp on the number of flat iron strokes in order to save time. WE DO NOT SKIMP!

Exhaust Fans

Through the straightening process, the product steams into the air. Although the products we use are low fuming, we have exhaust fans installed to extract what fumes may exist, resulting in a more pleasurable straightening experience.

Japenese Straightening

We also do Japenese straightenings using the Yuko product. While this process is more expensive, it is a permanent straightening. This process must be done by an expert since significant hair damage can occur if not done right.

Guys Too

Yes, guys get their hair straightened too.