Hair Extension FAQ - Attachment

How Do You Attach The Extensions?

We use microlinks to attach them. These are small copper tubes that squeeze down tight. They are comfortable to wear and are the healthiest way we have found to attach extensions.

Can They Be Removed?

Yes, they can be removed easily. Our special too can open the links and the extension comes right off. Removal causes no damage to your hair or the extensions.

Scanner Issues?

There are no scanner issues. Since they are copper, which is not magnetic, they are no problem for airport scanners, MRIs, or Cat Scans.

Cost FAQ

What Do These Cost?

The cost of your extensions will depend upon several factors:

  • How many you need
  • Quality of hair you choose

A consultation will be needed to answer this question.

Price Include The Hair?

We price our extensions per extension. The price we give you at your consultation includes everything: the hair, the labor to make them, and for the stylist putting them in. 

How Many Do I Need?

If you are looking just for volume, you can get by with 20 to 50 extensions. However, if you want extra length beyond your hair's length, you will need a full head of extensions, 80 to 100. Again, a consultation is needed to answer this question.

How Long

Will My Apointment Be?

The way we attach your extensions, we can put them in much faster than most other methods. We figure about a minute per extension. Since our stylists can put them in faster than we can make them, after your consultation, we will make your extensions before your appointmet, so your appointment can be as short as possible.

Will Extensions Last?

This depends upon the quality of hair you choose, and more importantly, how well you take care of them. Most of our customers get 9 months to a year with the same hair. Some of our customers get even longer wear from the same extensions.

Before I Can Get Them?

We stock a lot of hair, and if we don't have what we need, we can get it in about a half an hour. So, we can often schedule your appointment the same day or the next. We know that when you are ready for extensions, you want them now!

Care & Maintenance FAQ

Is Any Periodic Maintenance Needed?

Yes. As your hair grows, the links move further away from your scalp. So, after about 2 and a half months (on average) you will need to come in so we can service your extensions. We will remove the links, retip the extensions, and put them back in with new links.

Can I Shampoo My Extensions?

Yes, you can shampoo your hair in a fairly normal manner. The only change is that you should stroke your hair from top to bottom only. Not the other direction. And no washboard movements. 

How Should I Brush My Extensions?

Tangles near the top of your hair become knots when you drrag them down. For your extensions, you need to grab all the hair you want to brush near your scalp. Hold it tight, hair slips through your hand easily. Then start brushing near the end of your hair, gradually moving up until you are near your hand. Then you can brush full strokes without holding the hair.

Can I Use A Blow Dryer Or Flat Iron?

Yes, you can use both. Try to avoid the links. If you get the links warm, the Keratin tips will get soft and brushing will pull them out. Just wait a minute and the Keratin will firm up again. Then you can brush normally. Remember, flat irons can damage your hair and/or the extensions very easily. So, be careful when you flat iron.

Can I Color My Extensions?

No. When extension hair is processed, they apply a sealer. Therefore, extensions do not take color well. Results are unpredictable. Also, your own hair will take color differently, so you will end up with a mess. We make your extensions to match your hair color, so you should not need to color them.

What If A Few Fall Out?

Links hold well, but not as strong as glued in extensions. So, some may come out. This is a good thing because the extension comes out without pulling your hair out, as happens with glued extensions. Again, healthy! If any do come out, save them. We can easily put thiem back in.

Product FAQ

What Kind Of Shampoo Should I Use?

A sulfate free shampoo is highly recommended. Actually, we recommend sulfate free shamrpo for everyone. Sulfates are hard on your hair, especially on the Keratin tips of the extensions.  

What Conditioners Should I Use?

IMPORTANT: It is extremely important to use a good leave-in conditioner on your extensions, at least every day. Otherwise, they will become dry and tangle easily. We have several excellent leave-in conditioners in our shop. Also, usng a conditioner when you wash your hair is a good idea. Most any quality conditioner should be fine.

What About Using Other Products?

You can use hair sprays, shine products, and oil based products. If you use any oil based products, such as our GK Serum or Morrocan Oil, just make sure you don't get the oil on the links. On the ends only.

Consultation FAQ

Why Do I Need A Consultation?

Your consultation will only take about 10 minutes. We will show you the different qualities of hair we use and how the microlinks attach the extensions. We will also be able to see your hair and learn what you want to accomplish. At that point, we can tell you about how many extensions you will need so you will know the cost.

How Do You Match My Color So Well?

Once you are ready to proceed, we will do a color match. This involves making sample extensions, adjusting the percentage of the different colors, until we get the perfect match to your color. Then we know the formula for making the rest of your extensions.

How Soon Can You Schedule My Appointment?

Next we take a deposit and schedule your appointment. This lets us make your extensions before you arrive. Your appointment may be same day, or the next. If you have a specific day in mind, no problem. Sometimes, we can do them immediately if needed staff is available.