Healthy Hair Extensions - Our Specialty

Why We Are The Best

We have been doing hair extensions for over 30 years and Annemarie has been wearing them herself all that time. Most salons have someone who took a 2 hour class. Our staff has received intense extension training and truly are experts.

We Make Our Own Extensions

We make your extensions custom for you. So, we have control of all aspects of the hair extensions, including hair quality, color, and thickness.

Best Color Match

Since we make our own extensions, we can get the absolute best color match for your hair. We put multiple colors into each extension, even matching any highlighting or color variations in your hair. Most salons buy off the shelf extensions and have to settle for a color close to yours.

Healthy, Healthy, Healthy

We use microlinks to attach your extensions. No glue, no tapes, no chemicals! While those methods cause hair damage and loss, microlinks do not cause any damage to your hair or your extensions. Healthy!

Longer Hair Life

Many salons make you buy new hair every 3 months. The way they put them in often results in damage to the extensions, or they are no longer tipped in a way their stylist can put them back in. Using our microlinks, our clients can reuse the same hair. Most of our ladies get 9 months to a year, or more from their extensions.

Free Consultations

Come in for your free consultation. It only takes about 10 minutes. During the consultation, we can show you the hair we use and how we attach the extensions. We can see your hair and learn what you want to accomplish.