Ladies Services

Root & Full Head Color

We know you have probably had trouble in the past getting the color you want. Our stylists are excellent at getting your color right. And, we use the Primary Syn color line. While this line is not widely known, it is superior color: rich, long lasting, low amonia, color. Covering grey is difficult for most color lines. Primary Syn is excellent at covering grey hair. This line is expensive. We could use considerably cheaper color lines, but we feel our customers deserve the best. By the way, both root color (new growth) and full head color are considered single process services, so when you call, let us know which you need.


Highlights and lowlights can add a lot of depth to your hair, making it appear more healthy and alive. We can use either the cap or foil methods, can do multiple tones, and can make your highlights as thin or thick as you like to give you the look you want.

Cut And/Or Blow Dry

Our stylists will give you the cut you want and the style you are looking for. We only employ expert stylists who have a passion for doing hair. It's more than just a job. So, no need to worry about having too much hair taken off. We don't do that.

If you already have the cut you want, and now you want your hair to look it's absolute best. Maybe its a special occassion, your going out for the evening, or maybe you just want your hair to look especially good for a couple of days. Anyway, we know it's difficult to get your hair looking it's best, so let our stylists take care of that for you.


If you want a more curly look, or want more body, we can do several different types of perms:   

  • Body Wave Perm
  • Curly Perm
  • Partial Perm
  • Spiral Perm

Note: We do not do relaxers.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

Most hair styles today depend upon straight hair, evidenced by how many flat irons are sold. But flat ironing is very damaging to your hair. Brazilian Keratin straightening has become extremely popular and we find most of our customer's hair is too curly or wavy for the styles they want. As an added benefit, Brazilian Keratin straightening controls the frizz as well. Also, we can adjust the process if you want your hair a little less straight.

Healthy Hair Extensions

We specialize in hair extensions with over 20 years of experience in both wearing and doing them. We're NOT the typical place that takes a two hour class, buys some pre-made extensions, and thinks they can do a good job with extensions. We make own hair extensions, custom to match your hair.

Also, we use microlinks to attach them, absolutely the healthiest way we have found. We don't glue or tape them in like most salons. Glues and tapes inevitably break your hair. After about 2 1/2 months (varies with your hair growth), we can easily move your extension up, reusing the same hair. Some places make you buy new extensions every three months.

Mens Services

Hair Cuts & Style

Our stylists are experts in making guys look good. We only employ stylists that do a super job, those that have a passion for what they do. It's not just a job. And we don't keep extra people around just to catch walk-ins. Only stylists that have the skills to make you look good.

You can get anything from a basic cut to a full service one (wash, neck shave, hot towel, etc.). And we work mostly by appointments which means we don't feel rushed because other guys have walked in and are waiting.

Beard Trims

We can trim all types of beards.

Mens Hair Color

Many men need hair color too. It makes them look years younger. We can also do highlights and lowlights to make your hair look more healthy and alive.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

Yes, a lot of guys get their hair straightened. Some like to wear their hair a bit longer, but don't because it becomes too curly as it grows out. Brazilian Keratin straightening solves that problem.